Clustering Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs have fascinating over-wintering behaviours.  They form clusters and hang in trees, sometimes thousands of them, clinging onto remaining leaves for support.  They can be seen high in the trees in parks and gardens around Christchurch during winter.

DSC07327 f

DSC07340 f

DSC07700 f

DSC07733 f

On warm days they fly from their clusters to feed on nectar.

DSC07341 f


DSC07371 f

3 thoughts on “Clustering Monarch Butterflies

  1. Hi Anette,
    I’ve been to Mexico and saw them! It inspired this project:

    Could you help spread the word about it? You don’t have any images you might donate to the project do you? I’d love to hear from you.


    • Thanks Ali for your comment. I had heard about the migration to Mexico. I think the project you mention is a worthwhile one and I am going to follow it. I’m happy to share photos, but I’m sure there are many beautiful photographs of Monarchs around. Such a fascinating insect, and very photogenic. Lucky you to have seen them on their migration. Thanks for checking in on my post!


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