Mt Crichton Loop Track, Queenstown

During a period of hot summer weather, we chose to walk the Mt Crichton Loop Track, not only for its scenic and historical aspects, but also because it provided  shade.  The walk includes river, waterfall, forest, and lake views and passes by historic landmarks. The nine kilometre track took around three hours (including stops) from a minimum altitude of 383 metres to a maximum altitude of 604 metres.  It is accessed from the Mt Crichton carpark, about 11km from Queenstown on the Glenorchy Road.

View of Lake Wakatipu from early on the  track

We completed the track in an anti-clockwise direction. Although the walk is not strenuous, this avoided climbing a few of the steeper hill sections.



Lake Dispute and Lake Wakatipu




Mountain beech forest


Historic Sam Summers Hut


Sam Summers’ hut information (click to enlarge)


Another view of Sam Summers’Hut


Inside the hut


12-Mile Creek Falls, near the hut


Click to enlarge


Tailrace tunnel, chiselled and blasted by goldminers


Upper canyon, created by goldminers sluicing


Our GPS-tracked walk (click to enlarge)

Click here to view a moving version of our walk, on Relive.

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