I’m a teacher, I live in Christchurch New Zealand, with my husband.  We have two adult daughters, who have departed the nest, but live in Christchurch too.  I grew up in New Zealand, but in the early eighties I spent a year living and working in Fiji, followed by 18 years living in Queensland, Australia. In 2001 our family returned to settle in Christchurch. I have long been a walker and snow skier, and that has taken me many interesting places, from in and around Christchurch, to within New Zealand, and sometimes, to other countries in the world.  An important item in my backpack is my camera, to help me record ordinary and extraordinary things that I see.  I don’t wait long hours for the right lighting and photographic conditions – I just photograph as I pass by!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for steering me in the direction of your blog Annette. I had no idea you had one! It’s wonderful to keep in touch on a daily basis on Blipfoto, but a blog enables you to learn even more about a person. It sounds as though we take photos in the same way, I’m not a fan of waiting for the right light either, so try to make the most of the light I have at the time. If you wait, you may miss the moment, and I’d hate for that to happen! 🙂


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