Ohinetahi House and Garden

Sir Miles Warren’s house and garden in Governor’s Bay are a delight. With harbour views,  the present garden was begun in 1977 by Sir Miles, though there was a garden created on the some site in 1865 by one of New Zealand’s first botanists, T.H . Potts.  Some of the exotic trees and shrubs he planted still stand on the perimeter of the garden.  Sir Miles Warren is a well-known New Zealand architect, now in his 80’s.  He lives in the house and was working in his garden when we visited.  In 2012 he gifted the house and garden to the people of New Zealand through the Ohinetahi Charitable Trust.

Introduction outside the main house before starting the tour



The main house, a heritage 1-listed historic homestead


View from observation tower

View from observation tower

Originally built in 1871, the house was altered and extended by its different owners. It was severely damaged in the 2010 earthquakes.  It has been rebuilt and earthquake strengthened, but now the central block is two storeys rather than three.


Herbaceous border

Herbaceous border and gazebo

The formal garden consists of separate garden ‘rooms’ of differing style and character.




Selection of flowers on the walkway

Selection of flowers from the garden (click to enlarge)


Native Bush Walk


Swing bridge

Swing bridge


Rose Garden


“Astrolabe’ by Andrew Drummond

A number of large modern sculptures by renowned New Zealand artists have been added to the garden.


'Phase', a sculpture by Graham Bennett

‘Sunbeams’ by Neil Dawson


View of Lyttelton Harbour from the garden

Ohinetahi Bay and Lyttelton Harbour

Ohinetahi House and Garden are open September to the end of March, week days 10am to 4pm .  Check availability at weekends. They are 1.5km past the Governor’s Bay Hotel, and are signposted. More information through this link.

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