Sundowners trip to the Dubai Desert Conservation Area

An hour’s drive inland from the city of Dubai is the Dubai Desert Conservation Area.  A natural reserve established in 2002, it is a designated protected area for the conservation of the desert ecosystem.  The conservation area can be visited by either  staying at the Al Maha Desert Resort, or via a day visit with one of the four concession holders.  Our day visit included a mid afternoon pick up in Dubai and a late afternoon/ sunset trip within the area in a  vintage land rover.

Our guide


The reserve spans 225sq km (4.7% of the Dubai Emirate) and consists of sand dunes interspersed with gravel plains.  Visitors are able to see some wildlife from the land rover.


Arabian Gazelle

Threatened indigenous wildlife species have been breeding in the area since being re-introduced, with more wildlife being released on a regular basis.


Arabian Gazelle


Arabian Gazelle


Arabian Gazelles


Arabian Oryx

Despite being native to the region, there were no longer any Arabian Oryx left in the park until they were reintroduced in 2003.  They have since thrived.


Arabian Oryx


Arabian Oryx


Peregrine Falcon

Some falconry mastery, with the falcon capturing the lure.


Sunset over the desert


Night time camel rides available



Traditionally-prepared Bedouin food


Bread making



Henna tattoo


Some entertainment



Moonrise over the desert

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