Lower Kimi Akau (Shotover) Trail

A track to explore in the Queenstown area is the recently developed Lower Kimi Akau Trail, a scenic track that follows a section of the Shotover River.  It is a shared-use track for walkers and for cyclists (single track for experienced cyclists only).


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The complete Lower Kimi Akau Trail is approximately 10km.  It winds its way from near the Arthur’s Point end of Littles Road down to the Old Shotover Bridge.  On this occasion, we walked a 7km section of the trail, shown by the solid red line, beginning at Fitzpatrick Road (an alternative access point) .  The broken red line leads from the Arthur’s Point end of the trail. The trail is mostly within sight of the Shotover River, dropping down to the river at times.  There is an exposed section where it would be advisable to supervise young children.


Easy walking through browntop near the start


Looking back up the river


Looking south across the river


Rowan tress in summer mode (and a wilding pine)


Rowan flower


On the trail


Fly agaric, trackside


Eroding river sediment and the march of the wilding pines


Eroding sediment cliffs laid down by the river in ancient times


Lupins at river level


Section of ferns


Another glimpse of the Shotover River near Tucker Beach


The Remarkables as backdrop


Last section of the track joins the Queenstown Trail


Two-eyed tree


Old Shotover Bridge comes into sight


View upstream from Old Shotover Bridge, trail is on the righthand side


Old Shotover Bridge (foot traffic only)

The original Shotover Brige was built in 1871.  It was washed away by flooding in 1878 but rebuilt and opened in a new position in 1915.  It was the main route between Queenstown and Arrowtown until 1975. After a period of neglect it was restored in 2004/5 and is now part of the Queenstown Trail, used by pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge is 172 metres long and stands 16 metres above the river.


Commercial jetboating on the Shotover River, Shotover Bridge (Hwy 6) in background





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