Kennedy’s Bush Track re-opens

A popular Port Hills track has re-opened after a year in which walkers and cyclists were unable to use it.  After the Port Hills fires a year ago, the track was closed while burnt trees were felled due to safety concerns.  This Easter weekend the track was opened again, much to the delight of people who use it as a stand alone walk/ride, but also as access to the Summit Road and other tracks near there.

Previously the track passed through treed areas, which added interest to the scenery and provided some wind shelter.

Some photos of the track prior to the fires –

May 2014

April 2016


April 2016

In February 2017 two fires spread across  2000  hectares of bush and farmland on the Port Hills and 11 houses were burned.  On 15th  February the fire reached the Kennedy’s Bush Track.


Burnt trees by the track after the fire


April 2018

The track now has a very different feel, with trees being  removed from near the track, making it much more open. The area to the left of the track (above) was previously completely in forest.


Line of pine trees cleared


Scenes of the city centre and out to Pegasus Bay, once covered by pine trees, are now revealed.



Tree felling continues


Cleared  area, views across the Canterbury Plains and foothills of the Southern Alps



Familiar landmark, the ‘top tank’




New stile at the end of the track, at the Summit Road


Lyttelton Harbour

Just 15 minutes above the Kennedy’s Bush Track is a view from Mt Ada, right down Lyttelton Harbour to the Heads. Remnants of the fire can be seen here too.

2 thoughts on “Kennedy’s Bush Track re-opens

  1. Outstanding opening panorama photograph tagged “2014”. Depth, breadth, texture and tonal range is exceptionally captivating, intriguing. Two hikers serve as an perfect focal point and lend sense of scale to the overall image. Well done!


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