Okarito and the Wild West Coast



Okarito was the setting for a photography workshop in May 2019 run by leading landscape photographer Andris Apse.  The focus was on mood and light.  There were 12 students eager to learn from the master photographer.


Okarito and surrounding areas (click to enlarge)

The small township of Okarito, with its combination of rainforest, wetland, beach, lagoon and proximity to the Southern Alps, is a rich source of photographic opportunites.


Sunrise over the Okarito Lagoon


Okarito Lagoon


Wood Pigeon (Kereru)


White Heron (Kotuku), Okarito’s iconic bird


Okarito Boat Shed


Kahikatea in the mist, Lake Mapourika



Lake Mapourika


Lake Mapourika and Southern Alps


Andris sharing his knowledge



Sunrise on Okarito Beach


The wild Tasman from Okarito




Canadian geese in formation




Remnants of the old wharf, Okarito


Okarito Boat Shed


Old school house, Okarito


Mt Tasman (left) and Aoraki Mt Cook (right)

As we drove away from Okarito, our glimpse of New Zealand’s tallest mountains  behind the trees ended a weekend of great stimulation and learning.






One thought on “Okarito and the Wild West Coast

  1. Wow Annette!
    Absolutely stunning photos, capturing perfectly the essence of Okarito. You have brought back so many happy memories of our times spent there. Inspired me to go again. Thank you for sharing. You have such a talent.


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