Hokitika Gorge


Hokitika Gorge

The Hokitika River is 64km long, with its source in the Southern Alps, and flowing out to the Tasman Sea just south of the town of Hokitika.  Along the way it flows through the narrow rock-sided gorge called the  Hokitika Gorge.  The turquoise waters of the river, and the surrounding dense podocarp forest, give the area  great scenic beauty.


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The track is about 15 minutes walk each way.  At the moment it is a double back track, but soon to be upgraded to a loop track, and with upgraded carparking and toilet facilities.


View from the lookout


The lookout




On the swing bridge


View downstream from the bridge


View upstream from the bridge


Understory of ferns on the track


Fern fronds


At bush edge (end of the track)


Water’s edge at end of the track


Looking back towards the swing bridge from bush edge

The Hokitika Gorge is 33km east the town of Hokitika, about a 30 minute drive.
Click here for more information about the track and how to get there.







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