Fabergé Museum in St Petersburg

The Fabergé Museum is a must for all  Romanov art and history lovers.  Central to the museum is a collection of precious Fabergé objects that oligarch Viktor Vekselberg bought in 2004 for $US100 million.  He bought them from the estate of Malcolm Forbes, the US publisher of Forbes magazine.

In 2013 the Fabergé Museum was opened in the 18th century Shuvalov Palace, which had been used for welcoming international delegations in Soviet days.

Blue Room

The Blue Room contains nine of the 50 Imperial Easter eggs, created by court jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé.  The tradition started in 1885 when Tsar Alexander 3rd gave his wife a richly jewelled egg for Easter.  Each egg took about a year to make, and was personally delivered by Fabergé.  The tradition continued with Tsar Nicholas 2nd  also ordering  bejewelled eggs for family members.


Renaissance egg 1894

The Bolshevics sold many of the eggs abroad to raise money after the October Revolution.  Others were smuggled out of by relatives of the last tsar, Nicholas 2nd, who along with his family was shot in 1918.  There are 43 eggs that have survived.  Ten are in The Kremlin.


Rosebud egg 1895



Coronation egg 1897



18th century imperial coach replica, 10cm in length, inside Coronation egg


Lilies of the valley egg 1898


Cockeral egg 1900


Duchess of Malborough egg 1902


Fifteenth anniversary egg 1911


Bay tree egg 1911


Order of St George egg 1916


There are  more than 4000 other precious decorative pieces made by Fabergé and various  jewellers for the royal family and others.  They are housed in separate rooms within the museum.







the Gold Room





We visited the Fabergé Museum as part of a walking tour.  Click here for a separate post showing city landmarks of St Petersburg.

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