Ski Porter Heights 2014

Porter Heights is a commercial skifield 85 km northwest of Christchurch. It has three     t-bar lifts, a platter and a magic carpet and 620 metre vertical run.  Top elevation is 1995 metres. These photos were taken on a ski day in late August, in what has been a low snowfall year.


The eastern slopes of the Torlesse Range, from the Christchurch to West Coast Road near Springfield, on the way to a ski day at Porter Heights



View of  T-Bar One (T1) slope with McNulty’s Basin above, from the access road



T1 slope with T2 and T3 slopes out of sight, up to the left

The snow has gathered  in this gully (above) through the combined effect of wind and snow guns.  In this low snowfall year, the north facing slopes are bare.  The lower part of the Big Mama ski run, this year all rocks, can be seen on the left.  In good years, Big Mama provides great skiing from the ridge, 600 metres above.



T3 slope with the western slopes of the Torlesse Range in the distance


Traverse from T3 to McNulty's Basin

Traverse from T3 to McNulty’s Basin



Mountains of the Rakaia from the top of T3



Lake Coleridge from the summit area



Kea, New Zealand’s alpine parrot


Carpark with access road visible on the right and in the valley floor

Carpark with access road visible on the right and in the valley floor

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