Glimpses of Ellerslie Flower Show 2014

IMG_0718 f sm

Each year in late summer, North Hagley Park in Christchurch is transformed for four days into a floral extravaganza by the Ellerslie Flower Show.  There are  competitions of various types of gardens, and there is an array of all sorts of garden equipment.  Here are some glimpses of this year’s display.

IMG_0562 f sm

IMG_0565 f sm

IMG_0568 f sm

Three images of the floral artwear designed by Jenny Gillies.

IMG_0571 f sm

IMG_0575 f sm

IMG_0577 f sm

IMG_0586 f sm

IMG_0590 f sm

IMG_0598 f sm

IMG_0600 f sm

IMG_0605 f sm

IMG_0627 f sm

IMG_0629 f sm

IMG_0643 f sm

IMG_0644 f sm

IMG_0650 f sm

IMG_0657 f sm

IMG_0659 f sm

IMG_0664 f sm

IMG_0689 f sm

Judging at the show – click here.

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