Bealey Spur in summer

Bealey Spur is an easy day walk in the mountains of the Southern Alps, on the Canterbury side of Arthurs Pass.  Walkers are rewarded with river valley views, and a walk through mountain beech forest to a hut at 1,200m (4,000ft). It takes about five hours return from the carpark on State Highway 73 to the hut. Bealey Spur Track map here.

Beech forest

Mountain Beech Forest on lower slopes



Waimakariri River Valley from the track, with flowering manuka



Waimakariri River and Jordan Shingle Fan



Peaks of the Upper Waimakariri, Mt Harper on the left, Mt Davie in the centre



Looking across a tarn to the Bealey River

The Bealey Valley forks to the left, to Arthur’s Pass.  To the right is the Mingha Valley, heading up to Goat Pass.  Goat Pass and the Mingha are part of the Coast To Coast mountain run.


Bush Dragonfly on my collar

Bush Dragonfly on my shoulder and attached to my collar


Bealey Top Hut

Bealey Top Hut

The Bealey Top Hut was built in 1935.  It was used by musterers in the days when this was sheep farmland, until the land was retired in 1978 and  became part of Arthurs Pass National Park.  It is a simple construction of corrugated iron over a beech sapling frame.



Top Hut with beech trees


Six bunks (two on the left unseen)

Six bunks (two obscured on the left)



Carpet heath (Pentachondra pumila)



Sun orchid (Thelymitra sp)



Boardwalk over swampy tussock grasslands on the downward journey

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