Red Tarns Track, Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

Red Tarns

Red Tarns

The Red Tarns Track climbs 300m behind Mt Cook Village on a steep but well maintained track. The trip takes about two hours return.  The tarns are sometimes dry, but in December 2013 they were showing their red colour from the pond weed that grows in them. The panoramic view includes Aoraki Mt Cook (reflected in the tarn) and The Footstool (on the left).


Tarn with Mt Kitchener

Tarn looking southwest to Mt Kitchener


Red pond weed

Red pond weed



Mt Cook Village from the Red Tarns


Aoraki Mt Cook Tracks

Aoraki Mt Cook Tracks

Here is a map of the Mt Cook Region (including the Red Tarns Track) that I have copied from the NZ Frenzy website. There is further information about the Mt Cook Region at the NZ Frenzy website.

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