Misty Temple Basin in Spring

Temple Basin is a club ski area in the heart of the Southern Alps, four kilometres west of Arthurs Pass Village.  The field is accessed by a walk of about an hour from State Highway 73 up to the base huts and ski tows, with a service tow available for ski gear in winter. These photos were taken on a hike after the ski season had finished, on a misty day in late October 2012.  There was still a lot of snow around the ski area after some unusually late snow falls.

Start of Temple Basin walk

Beside the stream there are alpine hebes (mostly green) and brown dracophyllum, also called turpentine wood.


Temple Basin Track


Temple Basin ski area

There are 320 hectares of skiable terrain, accessed from three rope tows.


Lodges and day hut at 1326 metres


Upper Twin Creek Bridge and day hut


Lockwood Shelter (day hut)


Inside Lockwood Shelter



Top of service lift


View towards Mt Rolleston from huts


Headwaters of Bealey River (1600m) cascading from Mt Rolleston


State Highway 73 (Otira Gorge Road)


Mt Cook Lily (Ranunculus Lyalli)

The appearance of Mt Cook lilies is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

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