Ellerslie International Flower Show 2012

North Hagley Park in central Christchurch transforms into a garden and lifestyle extravaganza for five days in March.  It is an annual event that exhibits garden design, garden trends and new products.  These are just a few of the sights that caught my eye.

Some entertainment on flute

Some food too

The next three images show exhibits by Jenny Gillies, a costume and fabric artist specialising in wearable flowers.  The exhibits have been placed in a garden created by Treetech, tree care specialists and arborists.

One real live exhibit

Iris made of metal

Wire sculptures with metal irises placed in the Hagley Park wetlands behind

4 thoughts on “Ellerslie International Flower Show 2012

  1. Hello Annette,

    I may not be awarded but it made my day to see my design chosen for your website.
    I am honored. Thank you so much.

    Title “Nature Flamboyant” The title says it all. Natural Lotus Leaves and Kelps from Kaikoura were being used to create this dramatic, stunning, black shimmering fashion. Chrys Shamrock is a gorgeous lime green flower to work with. Orange is my favourite colour.

    Passion for Fashion is the theme for individual entry for this year Ellerslie International Flower Show.

    Lotus leaves is the leaves i know best, close at heart. Lotus is an amazingly beautiful plant where all parts are utilised well in South East Asia.

    Your photographs are lovely to look at. Wonderful indeed.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Hope you would journey to Singapore to capture our beautiful city.

    Warm regards

    Lien Wong
    free-lance florist


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