Tamarack Cross Country Ski Area, California

In January, cross country skiers  are usually enjoying the beauty and solitude of the Sierra back country at Tamarack Cross Country Ski Area.  But in January 2012, when we visited, there was limited snow on the ground.  Most of the  November snow had long since disappeared, and in the areas where people usually ski, it was only possible to walk.

Located in the Inyo National Forest, about a five hour drive north of Los Angeles, Tamarack offers  30 kilometres of trail network.  In mid January we spent a day walking amongst the trails and picturesque lakes in the area.  A few days after our walk, there was a 1.5 metre snow fall, which kick-started the cross country ski season.  These photos show the area prior to the snow dump, with patches of ice on the roadways and patches of snow under the trees.  At an altitude of between 2500 and 2800 metres, these lakes are frozen at this time of the year.

One of the frozen Twin Lakes, near Tamarack Lodge

Lake Mary

Stranded log on Lake Mary

Memorial seat overlooking Lake Mary

Roy Saari was an Olympic swimmer who lived in the area.  He died in nearby Mammoth  in 2008, aged 63 years.  He set four world records, including swimming the first sub 17 minute 1500 metre freestyle.  He won gold (800 metre relay) and silver (400 metre individual medley) at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  Latterly, in his role on Mammoth’s Planning Commission, he was described as “a voice of reason” and “a  kind human being”. His memorial seat commands a magnificent view over the beautiful Lake Mary.

Lake Mary Road

Lake Mamie

Outlet from Lake Mamie to the Twin lakes below

View of the frozen Twin Lakes from upper Lake Mary Road

5 thoughts on “Tamarack Cross Country Ski Area, California

  1. I hope I get a chance one day to explore the USA! I always have this weird feeling that something is attracting me there too much, I can’t explain it 🙂 Beautiful pictures!


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