A “heritage” wedding – Hilda and Alex

Hilda and Alex’s wedding day, 29 August 1934

Hilda and Alex are my parents.

Their wedding took place in Invercargill, the southern most  city in the South Island of New Zealand.

My mother was a dressmaker and tailoress, my father was a farmer.  After they married, they farmed together on my father’s family sheep and dairy farm at Glenham, about 50km east of Invercargill.  After they left the farm in the early 1950’s, they lived in Invercargill.

They had five children.  I am the youngest.

The bridesmaids’ and flowergirls’ dresses were made by my mother.  Her own dress was made by a Miss Beadle, for whom she worked as a seamstress.  My mother used her dressmaking skills all her life.  She designed and created many beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, head gear/veils, and sometimes she even tailored jackets for the groom. (Indeed she made my own wedding gown and my husband’s jacket.)  She continued dressmaking into her eighties.

The bridesmaids for her wedding were her twin sisters, Mavis and Doreen.  Her niece, Violet, was one of the flowergirls (third from right).  Violet is the only surviving member of this bridal party.  She lives here in Christchurch, and is in her eighties.  I gave her a copy of this photo, which she proudly displays in her lounge.  She can still recall vividly some of the events of this wedding day. (Edit 2019: Violet passed away in 2014.)

I used an original black and white photo (quite badly damaged by the years), photographed it with a digital camera, then repaired/coloured the digital image.  I had an old hand-painted photo to use as my colour guide, I think the colours are pretty close to the real thing.

My parents had longevity.  My father died in 1983, aged 84 years, my mother died in 2009, aged 100 years.

This is a tribute to them.

4 thoughts on “A “heritage” wedding – Hilda and Alex

  1. Annette — What a lovely tribute to your parents — and a treasured gift you’ve shared with your family! Your mother was a very talented dressmaker. You did a great job of duplicating and restoring this beautiful photograph. I have old family photos that I’m attempting to preserve, as well. Through the use of digital photography, I’ve enjoyed being able to enlarge old photos and look into the faces I find there, particularly the faces of my parents when they were children!

    All the best to you from Southeast Texas, USA! 🙂


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