Bealey Spur

Bealey Spur is an easy day walk in the mountains of the Southern Alps, on the Canterbury side of Arthurs Pass.  Walkers are rewarded with river valley views, and a walk through mountain beech forest to a hut at 1,200m (4,000ft).  These photos were taken in April, in late summer conditions.

On the Bealey Spur Track, looking down on the Waimakariri River Valley

Boardwalk over swampy tussock grasslands

Bealey Top Hut

The Top Hut was built in 1935,  framed with beech saplings, clad in corrigated iron, with a wooden floor.  It was originally used by musterers, when this was sheep farmland.  It is now a six bunk hut, available for walkers.

The next three photos were taken during another hike in June, when the  first snow is on the track and surrounding mountains, and temperatures are much cooler.

Waimakariri River Valley from Bealey Spur in early winter

Bealey Spur Track through beech forest

Tarn beside the track

A tarn is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a valley that has been excavated by a glacier. These tarns are an attractive distraction beside the track.

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