What would I do without my Afters(h)ocks?

Aftersocks 56% merino wool

So I’ve had warm feet this Winter, courtesy of my Aftersocks!  Sometimes adversity leads to creativity, and so it has been for the Rural Women of New Zealand.  After the February Christchurch earthquake, they have manufactured and sold over 9,000 pairs of Aftersocks, proceeds to the Mayoral Fund, for the rebuild of Christchurch.

Aftersocks website is  http://www.aftersocks.co.nz/



Red and black are the colours of Canterbury, where Christchurch is situated.  Many of our sports teams use this colour combination. The socks have been manufactured locally, and represent the thousands of aftershocks that Cantabrians have been experiencing since the first big 7.1 shock in September 2010.

Aftersocks monkey


Creativity upon creativity, there is someone who makes soft toys out of socks, and she has created these little gems!



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