Alfred The Great (Cavoodle)

Alfie is not mine.  He is the loving and loyal friend of our daughter, who visits us regularly. He is a three year old Cavoodle (King Charles Cavalier x Poodle).  One of Alfie’s greatest joys is a galavant in the park near our house, on one of our walks together.  He loves to run around on the grass, chase birds, rabbits (at dusk) and socialise with other dogs, his spectacular feathery tail waving furiously.  A great character is our Alf.



'Out for dinner' Alfie

‘Out for dinner’ Alfie

2 thoughts on “Alfred The Great (Cavoodle)

    • Kathryn my daughter bought him at Animates, however she would suggest searching for a breeder in Christchurch, probably cheaper and more reliable. Animates did not give papers with their animals, and of course, don’t always have a Cavoodle available when you want one!


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